I Feel Nothing, I Exist Nowhere

by Ladybird

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    Made by Star Rats Records. Artwork by Sasha Schilbrack-Cole.

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released June 30, 2017

Recorded by Matthew Washburn at Ledbelly Sound Studio
Mixed by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige
Artwork by Sasha Schilbrack-Cole



all rights reserved


Ladybird Douglasville, Georgia

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Track Name: Nest and Tresses
born to branches/course like his fear and pride.

snow white hair with a feather in hand. help me close my eyes

but this is what you wanted.

home awaits me with war and gold but as fair as the moon is the skin i hold.

flesh and blood and forbidden bone amount in only tragedy.
Track Name: The Hive is Silent
(Patterns are now empty
hollows shells, aggravation:)

i am born of a body that has bears no significance and i can not control my eyes from viewing the obstruction built surgically. it was the first thing i ever saw. pillars of sweet gold. and the shell of a monarch that we can only suppose existed.
Track Name: Pawn of the Silt|Servant of the Loam
trudging through the dirt i decompose matter. tunneling down with blinders on each eye. under the cold dirt. one with the ashes. under your feet. i burn with passion. my life is tongue and cheek. spare your stone eyes. those who live in the soil are pursued against all odds. (everything that i thought means nothing, nothing at all. to the ground they will return. against all odds)x2
Track Name: The Hound is Starving
cold eyes detur me from drawing closer. feet are calloused from walking in circles, fashioned out of everpointed stone and the tissues of those who plod no longer. tissue clings to bone, turning to dust as it twists from the height of day.

chasing visions, just out of my grasp.
gritting my teeth. feeling them crack under the pressure of my jaws locking. skin under my nails/digging my fingers into my limbs.

crippling heat|the sun only shines to cure my skin.
when night falls, the breeze is salt to my wounds.
vultures follow.
Track Name: Molars of the Leviathan
course expressions ferment. soil under nails. knees bent to the ground. palms are blistered and burned. blood boils inside of mouths. eyes yellow with age. knuckles are raw|vultures engourge. bones become hollow|remains are ignored.

saving us from the sun is the black mass that replaces our sky. the same dark fog that takes the place of any air. oxygen no longer exists. clouds are dissapating and their place is held by a chemical haze resulting in feeble action. carcasses litter the ground preventing vegetation from sprouting. the sea is foul from the stench of decay. waves crash and froth with the proteins and marrow that float away from the bones that pile on the shoreline. currents are opaque from free-floating matter and failing mechanisms. anything managing to cling to life is a fire choked away by the grip of this domain.
Track Name: Filthy Cloth|Worn Twine
keeping to ourselves, we maintain. structures are built subjectively to restrict finite realities. you claim you want your eyes to be open to the filth that you stand on. but, truly you cannot conceive of the walls that you've made for yourself and what realities that they keep at bay. warping perception. preserving my anger. with no recollection i am sieving my own humanity. i am held into place by string that weakens along with my morale. their fibers both separate. along with my morale.