by Ladybird

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Murice White: Vocals
Kristian Gray: Guitar
Connor Ray: Bass
Aj Roberts: Drums


released December 4, 2015

Recorded live at Glow In The Dark Studios by Ben Wills. Mixed by Ben Wills. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Artwork by Adrian Baxter. Layout by Jason Combs.



all rights reserved


Ladybird Douglasville, Georgia

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Track Name: Wretch
Persisting to agitate the balance that exist between my blood-borne morals and my will, there will always be a conflict, until I can separate.

Even though they are separate they still both exist. Confined in their own reformitory, they glare at one another.

Causing me to contradict everything I used to live for. Tearing through my stomach/anxiety insist.

The echoes of savages tear at my flesh.
Track Name: Velvet
Will it take gnashing of the teeth. Will it take lashes to the back. Even as I reprimand, I fail to turn the light that I flash in yours because I don't want you to see b

Only darkness. Only nothing. I will not be ashamed of the fact that i was never anything. Just like the ocean i don't wish to be vast. Just as the forest I seem lost to you, but I'm nothing.

Fame and fortune is nothing, I have everything.
Track Name: Sycamore
I am ever-growing, but they cut my heart out, leaving on their way. I am left here with a piece missing that I will never know. Now, consistently I can feel that piece from me, slowly dying silently. I am just a rotting tree.

My core is severed.

Let's try something that we cannot dream. Let's see new colors that I've never dreamt of. They persist. Let's try something that we cannot dream. Let's see new colors that I've never seen before. They conflict with the doves around my head. They linger in the fields. I find that under the shadows of wheat they wait still. It seems so fitting.

You never knew what a shame it was when you took this piece from inside of me.

Raise me. Mark me. Abuse me. Label me. Cut me. Know me. Bury me. Remember me.

I am one with the vine. My heart sings. My head in the clouds. Wind in my face, we look and find no rest. The wind will sing. We are one with the vine. We won't go back to it.

We won't go back to it.

Let's try something that we cannot dream. Let's see new colors that we may never see, again. We are slaves.
Track Name: Merge
Slaughtered. Castrated alive. Flesh peeled back and wounds agape. Imprisoned. Insimanate. Mangles skin and broken bones.
Defenseless. Inhumane. Watch the blood spill from their veins. Malnourished. Ribs protrude. Watch the life leave from their eyes.

Dislocate and punish. Mutilation.
Track Name: Shells
I find myself, void of all emotion but, at one with the circumstance, standing at a road with two prongs making me anxious.

Do I choose to trudge along. In the same way, Iv'e been taking. My whole life that I know will lead nowhere, a dead-end.

Dead-end. Nothingness.

Will it present me with some peace of mind. Give unto me new sanctom. Am I falling? Do I take the pass that bends around the hill, pristine and ladened with the purest of doves and tall flowers that symbolize nonexistence, simplicity, and emptiness.

I've seen those words on my heart before.
Track Name: Dokha
Viscous encasement. Only decay. I am blank. Only decay. Empty handed. Buried inside. Enclosed. No escape. Useless mind. Nothing gained.
Track Name: Shutter
My eyes roll back in sequenced shutter. It doesn't help. The vessel won't sail. The wind is blind. My pen strokes are blurred, but they've been blank.

The bottle washed up before it was sealed. The letters are not pleasing. Water never had a healer. Immersed in violence. Roll over careless embrace. Can you hear without listening?

Worshiped lovers collapse; so dont think, because I have no king. The tides are shallow. The surface scratched. I reached out and only felt its horns with fingers that are wrenched in our throats. I walk away and suffocate. I push in deeper, but they won't drown. The children they dance, but they won't drown. As I continue they expose their blackened tongues.

Let's undefine ourselves, your ocean born eyes, becoming whole with a dull landscape. Our palms grow tan, from the moonlight. Subject to no toil of time or decay.
Track Name: Helem
The lips, they stutter. The tongue is weak. Eyes stay dim, but the path is still.

Hashem, I am where you've been. Still a shadow you steal my name and give me bones. Cold fingers, an embrace I call your own

She paints her lips with the lashes of whips worn from use on tired beast. Dripping like an out pour of sacred tales. Hashem, your yolk does not complain of the wounds, but laments with me. The bodies you bury lay bare.

Let us not call it murder, but you left us alone. Dare we say you assist. Accomplice, uncover rotting verse. She leaps with song and dance. Her feet bleed.

Face me. I try to perceive a lover. You dissipate behind.

Eyes suffer, while moments press as they haunt from a place that they cannot be seen. And they will grow calloused with blood.
Track Name: Pry
Theories, dematerialize into the ether.
Retinas, stained by the blood of broken vessels.
Hands, now carrion from blocking the sun from eyeless holes.
Synapses fire.
External, eternal stimuli.

Person/I am broken.